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Do you know what is in your shampoo? your dish soap? your toothpaste? Many common personal and household products contain chemicals that are considered toxic and could greatly affect your health.  The more we learn about the harmful ingredients in our everyday products, the more we want to educate people about the healthy, natural options out there that are well made and readily available. In fact, we think you will like these natural products even better than what you use now.

Look at the label on your hand soap, the soap you probably use every day to wash your hands. It’s in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at work, etc.  You will probably see the phrase Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a damaging detergent and emulsifier found in almost every product) among many other wordy conglomerates you may not be sure how to pronounce.  Many of these suspicious ingredients may be helping your hands get “clean” but they may also be irritating and drying out your skin, stripping it of all the stuff it needs to stay healthy and hydrated, not to mention leaching into your body and contributing to organ toxicity, developmental/reproductive toxicity, cellullar changes, mutations, and even cancer.  Fragrance is another word to look out for. Do you ever wonder why your eyes water or you feel ill when you smell a strong fragrance or perfume? You could be having a reaction to one of the many synthetic chemicals that fragrances are composed of (many contain pthalates, which are used to create plastic!).  There are many products out there made from natural, healthy ingredients. Wouldn’t you rather use those? We would.

Educate yourself about what is in the products you use everyday.  If you aren’t sure what a certain ingredient is or where it comes from, research it online or contact the manufacturer.  Even some “natural” products are not as clean as they should be and could even contain ingredients that have been compromised during manufacturing processes. Use your best judgement to find the products that are right for you.  We are here to help.


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