Ora-heal Holistic Toothbalm in Morning Mint

oraheal Could this little tube of toothpaste be the answer to our prayers? We were longing to find an all-natural, fresh-tasting toothpaste with ingredients we don’t need to fret about, and this product is just that.  We came across it online and knew we had to try it; the fact that it ships from England didn’t stop us one bit.  It cost about $27 for 3 tubes (and the tubes are on the small side, 50 ml = 1.69 oz) including shipping.  Expensive, yes, but after several weeks of brushing we are loving this stuff and wanting to order more.  This tooth “balm” has a great consistency (somewhere between cream and paste), is white in appearance (though it does not claim to whiten your teeth!), has a light/sweet minty flavor (we use Morning Mint, there’s also Mellow Mint and Fennel Exotic),  and leaves your mouth surprisingly fresh.  The flip-top tube shows off a pretty botanical design, and the packaging comes with info about the Ora-heal principles, good and bad ingredients, and how to brush.  Ora-heal is a health-care manufacturer established in 2005 which claims to have “a collective experience in preventive dentistry of several decades from holistic dentists and therapists.” We havn’t found any reviews of this toothpaste online, though the website states that it’s formula is clinically proven.  So until our next trip to the dentist, we are going to put our trust in Ora-heal.  And pray that we don’t have any cavities.


Aloe Vera, Calcium Carbonate (Chalk), White Clay, Stevia, Xanthan gum, Carrageenan, Peppermint oil, Fennel oil, Blend of organic herbal essences

Other ingredients: Spring Water, Vegetable based Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt, Pure Organic Herbal Essences.



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