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PerioBrite Natural Whitening Toothpaste (Coolmint) by Nature’s Answer

As far as natural toothpastes go, PerioBrite is now #1 for tartar control, whitening, flavor, and freshness here at “greenly.”  Ignore the fact that it’s brown and non-foaming, pop [..]

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Baby Wash & Shampoo by Vermont Soap Organics

 These hippies don’t lie. Vermont Soap Organics Baby Wash and Shampoo is the stuff of super-natural livin’.  This ultra-gentle baby wash rinses off easily, leaving little ones soft and [..]

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Mascara by Gabriel Cosmetics

Switching to natural cosmetics from the traditional brands you’ve been using for years is not easy.  We all love products that make us look good, and that includes mascara that [..]

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Deodorant Cream by Soapwalla Kitchen

Everyone here at greenly loves Soapwalla Deodorant Cream.  Word of mouth led to us order some from Etsy, where Soapwalla chef Rachel Winard began selling an awesome assortment of homemade natural products [..]

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Leave-In Conditioner and Protectant by Cabella

Tired of heat damaged hair with dry ends?  This fantastic Leave-In Conditioner and Protectant by Cabella should have a permanent place in your hair care repertoire.  Run just [..]

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Evening Primrose Shampoo for Dry Hair by John Masters Organics

Hey everyone, Dee here! For years I have been using Evening Primrose Shampoo by John Masters Organics.  I was turned on to it by a hairstylist friend, and [..]

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Herbal Deodorant by Burt’s Bees

 We have tried lots of deodorant – spritzes and sprays, solids and sticks, tubes and pastes….and so far we have only told you about the products we REALLY like.  This herbal spray deodorant [..]

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All-Natural Hand Sanitizer, Original Scent by Clean Well

A sweet-smelling hand sani that is alcohol free.  The Original scent has a citrusy aroma that reminds us of fruit loops, which isn’t a bad thing if you don’t mind [..]

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Volumizing Mist by Natu Hair Care

 If you have fine hair like I do, you are probably searching for a product that will give your hair body without leaving it sticky or stiff. This 99.5% natural Volumizing Mist [..]

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Ora-heal Holistic Toothbalm in Morning Mint

 Could this little tube of toothpaste be the answer to our prayers? We were longing to find an all-natural, fresh-tasting toothpaste with ingredients we don’t need to fret [..]

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